About Us

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As part of Alcom Group Berhad, our clients can be assured the project will be placed under reliable hands.

Our History

Years of Experience

Dach&Wand was established in 2009 by a team of experienced engineers. The company successfully completed several challenging metal roofing projects. By the year 2019, Dach&Wand has established a name in the premium metal roofing market. At the same year the company was acquired by Alcom Group Berhad and Alcom Dach&Wand Sdn. Bhd. is formed.

Our Vision

A regional architectural metal roofing and facade cladding solutions provider.

  • We aim to expand our geographical footprint across Malaysia and the ASEAN region.
  • We provide architects and designers with design possibilities that extend beyond the monotonous and conventional
  • We position ourselves as a premium fabricator, specializing in aluminium, copper, and titanium cladding and roofing systems, including roofing steel structures.
  • We add value to building designs, fusing our insights into facade cladding and metal roofing systems with creativity and functionality.

Our Mission

We convert challenging metal roof and facade cladding designs into feasible realities, resourcing from our knowledge, experience, and technology.

  • We shift from the norms of monotonous and traditional metal roofing and facade cladding to distinctive and intricately designed masterpieces.
  • We collaborate across disciplines with architects, contractors, and designers to realize complex structural and architectural concepts.
  • Utilising our technical knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, and machinery, we produce metal roofing and facade cladding solutions that satisfy form and function.


What makes us unique?


Being a fabricator and specialist installer, we know the systems and materials inside out and can provide the best recommendation tailored to the specific project.


Price competitiveness.


Fast response on problem solving.


Provides full design details, facts finding and other technical support.


Being not tied-up with any brand and supplier, by being neutral can we continously share and recommend quality products relative to cost that can best suit your needs.



We are certified by CIDB & ISO.

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ISO 9001

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CIDB Malaysia



We are proud to have worked with some of the finest clients in the world.

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“They are very responsible and committed contractor. Overall their performance is excellent and complied to our Cantara Residence project’s schedule.”

Kua Tien Soon – General Manager
Orangebeam Construction Sdn. Bhd.


Some of our clients

We are proud to have worked with some of the finest clients in the world.

Alcom Dach&Wand - C1 Trans Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C2 MRCB George Kent Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C3 Blackfox Engineering Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C4 MJ Kanny Architect Sdn Bhd e1597457679193
Alcom Dach&Wand - C6 GDP Architects Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C7 Can I Interior Fit Out Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C9 Gerbang Nusajaya Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C8 Huashi M Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C12 Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru
Alcom Dach&Wand - C10 Pembinaan Mitrajaya Sdn Bhd
Alcom Dach&Wand - C11 Prasarana Malaysia Berhad
Alcom Dach&Wand - C13 Kementerian Dalam Negeri