Build-up Systems

The roof build-up is governed by the functional and performance requirements of the building. The two most important factors are the thermal and acoustic requirements.

Listed below are some of the common build-up systems for sheet metal roofing system with its corresponding approximate thermal transmittance (U-value) and approximate Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC value):

STC 50 U-value: 0.35W/m2K

Suitable for: auditorium, convention hall, musical theater, airports

STC 45 U-value: 0.4W/m2K

Suitable for: Multipurpose hall, shopping complex, hospital, home-theater roof, studio

STC 35 U-value: 0.5W/m2K

Suitable for: offices, school, university, institutional building

STC 30 U-value: 0.5W/m2K

Suitable for: residential houses, bungalows, food-court