All of our products can be incorporated as a total intergrated metal roofing and metal cladding. With this complete system design, the architectural roof and facade cladding stands out as an individual entity complementing the whole building appearance.

Lockweltform Standing Seam

Lockweltform Standing Seam is a premium architectural roofing system which and can be customized to suit special roof shapes and geometry. The detailing and installation of this system require technical knowledge and skilled craftsmanship. Special hand tools are used on-site to handcraft each element to achieve a masterpiece-roof.

Shadowform Angle Seam

The system is adopted from the Lockweltform Standing Seam profile. It is produced by singly folding the seam to a 90-degree turn instead of folding it twice to form Lockweltform. When sunlight is cast onto Shadowform, the 'shadow' effect gives thicker solid lines to the roof. This system is frequently used on the fascia, fa├žade cladding, soffit, or ceiling.

Battenform Rollcap

Battenform Rollcap system provides a stronger design outlook to the roof surface thanLockweltform or Shadowform system. With a specially crafted capping seam of widths 80mm or wider, Battenform creates a muscular and conspicuous contour to the roof thus presenting a bold and gallant appearance to the building.

Shingleform Panels

Generically called Flat Seam Panels, offered in various shapes and sizes, is tailored for an impeccable alternative to the norm of wall cladding. Four basic design offered are Diamond Design, Rhomboid Design, Herringbone Design and Brick-lay Design.

Linearform Cladding Panel

Linearform Cladding Panel is a long-strip panel cladding that employs a tongue-and-groove concealed fixing system. It offers an alternative to the commonly used aluminium composite panel cladding. There is no sealant required at the shadow-joint, thus eliminating the water streaking mark on the panel.

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Structural Standing Seam Roofing System